Friday, March 28

Satan in his pocket

I ride the bus to work every day. A short ride to the center of town, then a long ride up I-5 to Seattle where I catch my 3rd bus, a short jaunt to work. It really isn't as bad as it may sound. I kinda like it actually. One of the best parts? People watching.

Today I was waiting for my local bus in Seattle and saw this older guy walk by, just minding his own business. I looked at his shirtfront and noticed the strangest thing peeking out of his pocket. Where some might stash pens, their ID card or gum, this guy had a small paperback book with a plain cover except for the word "Satan" written in huge letters across the front. Who knows, maybe it was his ID card.

On the flip side, yesterday I was waiting at the same stop and saw a cool random act of kindness. A woman got off one bus and started walking down the sidewalk, when she put her bag over her shoulder, her bus transfer fell on the ground. A man (who looked like any other homeless guy) looked from the transfer to her and picked up the ticket. Instead of pocketing the transfer, he walked after the woman and tapped her on the shoulder (almost scared her to death). He handed her the transfer - she looked shocked - turned and walked back the other way. I later saw that same women catch her next bus.

The bus rocks.

Tuesday, March 25

Saltines make me happy

Such a small thing, but they make me and my tummy happy. The Easter Bunny brought me a box on Sunday. Yum.

Getting used to the new job. Trying to head off panic modes and a deadline crisis before it happens, but am finding it tough to get info from other people. Makes me want to do it myself, but I must learn to play nicely with others I suppose.

So happy to have friends to hang out with again - it's been a while since that happened. Next stop, dinner and a movie.

Wish John were home *sigh*.

Thursday, March 13

Dream a little dream

I had the strangest dream last night.

I dreamed that I died (or actually I think I was already dead at the beginning of the dream) and then hundreds of years later I came back to life. I wasn't reincarnated, wasn't a zombie....I was me. And I was joined by 3 other friends who had also come back to life.

We were in some small town with old, wooden buildings. We found an old meeting hall (that was being used by the Red Cross for storage) to stay in.

And we were on a quest....but we weren't sure what it was. It was coming to us as we were making our way through the town and interacting with people. Seems like we were there to save them or something.

It was a bit like a live action Dungeons and Dragons game, but without the cool elves, rogues or sorcerers. And without magic. Or cool costumes. Or dragons. Or dungeons, come to think of it.