Monday, March 20

Death and taxes

Ben Franklin's saying "nothing is certain but death and taxes" rang more true than I would like this weekend.
Worked on my taxes and still am not sure what all these tax cuts are that the government keeps talking about. Whoever they're supposed to help, I'm not one of them. I've never payed so much in taxes. Lame.

The death part came in three. First, my mom had to put our family pet, Madison, to sleep Saturday. She was 12 years old and a special member of our family. Then my husband and I found out that two of our friends were killed on Friday by a suicide bomber in Iraq. One other was critically injured in the same incident and might not make it. We've been in the military for just over five years and have lost four friends to the War on Terror. It never gets easier to lose a friend. It's hard to be such a part of the military and be so against so many things they are made to do. Our friends' deaths only make me more angry at the situation they were in. They were some of the best trained special operations soldiers the Army had - both had been to Iraq and Afghanistan a number of times. In a firefight they would have stood a great chance of coming out alive. But when a suicide bomber blows himself up six inches from you .... nothing is left. They didn't even have a chance to defend themselves. What good does it do? What good are we doing? Will it ever end?