Friday, October 28

To stroll or not to stroll

I heard a woman give advice about life to her grand-daughter this morning on NPR. She said "It's not a marathon, it's a stroll."
It's so easy to get caught up in the "race." In reality, I hate running (both on the track and metaphorically). I love the idea of enjoying life as we go through it and although marathoners may say they enjoy the result (crossing the finish line) they never really seem to enjoy the run itself. But then...the end result (where you end up) can be pretty important I suppose. So the question is, can a person be in the race, not kill themselves in the marathon and still end up where they want to? Why not. In fact, I think it'd be fun to be one of those people that dresses up in the Boston Marathon. They still cross the finish line and are incredibly happy even though they may not have come in first. And really - the people who come in first are usually covered in diarrhea from not stopping to take care of business. Ew.

Monday, October 17

Close call

The sun was out in full force this morning. Love the sun - hate it when it blinds me in the middle of rush hour traffic. It was so bad this morning, that I couldn't even see the car in front of me (if there even was a car - I couldn't tell). I saw one woman pull into the center lane to drive for safety, I suppose. But what she didn't know is that the lane became the turning lane of ongoing traffic. Luckily she moved over before anything scary happened. Just a few blocks away, there was a fender bender on an overpass. Just as I passed the accident and came to a stop light where I found that there were indeed cars in front of me - saw them just as I came to a stop - thankfully I was going slow enough to stop. The car behind me was going slow enough and stopped also, but the car behind her was not as slow and hit the car behind me. So now there were two accidents on the overpass - in morning traffic. That was the THIRD accident that has happened one car in front or behind of me since I moved down here. This town is SO accident prone. i think that perhaps I'll start teleporting to work. Beam me up Scotty!

Thursday, October 6


Hello, my name is Zoe and I am a Dish-aholic.
It's true. For years I blamed my distaste for washing dishes on my lack of a dishwasher. I seemed to instead have no problem with seeing the dishes sit out for a while - usually until I needed one. BUT now that I have a dishwasher and the same thing is happening....I think I'm addicted to seeing the dishes out and so I just can't bear to put them into the dark depths of the dishwasher. Some may call it laziness, but that's too boring and not always true - I am a freak about keeping the rest of the kitchen clean - just not so much with the dishes. Are there places who can help people like me?

Thursday, September 29

super ego man

There is a guy that works in my office that I have now had enough of. He's one of those "i'm so great that everything I say should be inscribed in granite" kinds of people. He also likes to crack inappropriate jokes or wise cracks about any and everyone (as long as they're not in the room). yesterday in our weekly staff meeting, he went too far. It was like I was in one of those human resource movies they show you when you're a new employee - the one about sexual harassment in the office. At first when he cracked the joke (which involved a women far above his rank and her needing knee pads) I wasn't sure what he meant. I couldn't believe that anyone would say that about someone else - especially in the middle of a staff meeting with four women sitting at the other end of the table. By the time I figured out that he was serious it was too late to jump in and call him on his lameness. SO it bothered me most of the night and today I spoke up. Told his supervisor and was told that "I will talk with him about it" - now, this is the second time I have had to talk with his supervisor about inappropriate behavior in the office. I feel so wierd having to talk to anyone's supervisor about this sort of thing. But the truth is that they guy is a jerk. He should be told he's a jerk over and over again until he realizes that the pedastal he thinks he's standing on is really just his ego.

Monday, September 19

Where is it all supposed to come from?

Was listening to NPR this morning and heard that NASA is planning a $100 billion trip to the moon. My first reactions was "cool - more moonrocks" but then I wondered...where is all of that cash coming from? We're paying hundreds of billions of dollars to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan and we just promised at least $200 billion to help those hurt by Hurricane Katrina. Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure that we don't have THAT much money to spread around. I'm not saying the $ shouldn't go to help those hurt by the hurricane. I am saying that something's got to give. With a federal deficit more than $410 billion dollars we can't really afford everything. It's simple budgeting. It's no wonder why so many Americans are having credit problems. Just look at the example the federal government sets for us. Ridiculous.

Wednesday, July 27


Pardon me while I go outside and fry an egg on the sidewalk.....
Whoever said that the climate isn't changing needs to come and live down here for a while. They would change their mind.

An update - I sent my resume and news clips into the Fayetteville Observer's executive editor - they have a couple of positions open. We shall see. I'm not sure if I have the experience they're looking for, but it doesn't hurt to try!

Also, did I mention that it's hot down here? Thank goodness for whoever it was that invented air conditioning.

Tuesday, July 12

Keeping options open

I've never been much of a climber when it came to moving up in job positions. If opportunities presented themselves, I would take them. Today I put myself out there. I heard that there's going to be a little re-structuring in the newsroom at the local paper in town that I want to work at. So....I sent the editor an e-mail and let him know that I'm interested. We'll see. It may come to nothing, but then again, it could get me outta here and onto bigger and better things. (and a larger paycheck - which would ROCK)

Monday, July 11

marathon man

I must bragg a bit about my husband. He ran the Grandfather Mountain Marathon in Boone, NC Saturday. They say it's the hardest marathon in the country and after driving the course (yeah, not a chance that I ran it - I was support crew running from water stop to water stop), I must agree. Over half of the course was uphill, winding through the mountains. It was beautiful and some of it was even on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but pretty views aside - I am amazed anyone finished the race. John finished well and has the number and medal to prove it. it was fun to be the support crew and cheer everyone on in the race. It was a pretty lonely one - not a lot of people along the route cheering them on - just them and the pavement most of the way. Although I'm told that Wonder Woman was handing out water at mile 24. I thought that perhaps one day I would run a marathon and maybe I will - but after watching those people cross the finish line I'll be thinking long and hard about if my body really wants to go through all of that.

Wednesday, June 29

What a letdown

Well, aside from the fact that it was way cool to hang out with National media and talk with the Secret Service - that speech last night was BLAH. Nothing new. THey kept saying it was going to be new information or a new strategy. Everything he said was something that is already happening and that he's said before it previous speeches. It's like he saw his ratings slipping and needed to bolster some support. I will say that he seemed....concerned about something last night. Nervous. Something. I don't know if he'd just gotten some bad news before he went on stage or what, but there was NO charisma coming from him. NONE. Very disappointed with that. I figure he's the President, if nothing else, he has charisma. Nada. *sigh* Well, it was awesome to be there and to have that experience. I had one of my friends (a fellow photographer who was standing for hours in the back with me) take my picture with Bush talking behind me. I'll post it with some others later today. (If I can get it to work this time)

Tuesday, June 28

Georgey: a little apprehensive

I have the opportunity today to be a part of the press conference/appearance that George "Let 'er Roll" Bush is holding on base. I'm actually really excited about it b/c I get to be with the National Press Corps and all that goes along with being in the room with the president. My brother-in-law was joking that they wouldn't let me in b/c they'd check my voter registration card. It was strange getting calls from the White House at the office.

He's supposed to be here pretty soon and the storm clouds have just rolled in - it's so dark you'd think it was 7 at night. A storm's a brewin'. The national media has been saying that he's going to announce "specific" ideas on his strategy in Iraq. This is something that you'd think we'd already have since we're HOW FAR INTO IT? Anyway, we've been told he's going to announce something - we don't know what, but something big. I'm a little freaked out by that. We've brainstormed everything from an exit strategy to nothing new to a (gasp) draft. I can say that it's not meant to be a troop rally - the number of troops expected is too small for that.

I suppose I also fear my own reaction to whatever he announces. I promised my office I wouldn't do anything crazy - besides, I don't want to be carried off the crazy town by the secret service.

Well, the clouds just opened up and the rain is pouring down. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 20


This weekend I decided to embrace the NC country that I now live in. The National Hollerin' Contest was held Saturday in a li'l place called Spivey's Corner about 30 minutes from where I live. The town has a year-round population of just over 65 people and if you blink, you would literally miss the "town." So, I went. Not quite sure how to describe "hollerin" - it's kinda like yodelling without the bird calls for people. They had little kids, teens, men and women up on stage. Inbetween competitions, Elvis sang as well as a christian music group. I have to say - I'm realizing that although I love the mountains and camping and being one with nature.....I'm not so much a "country girl." I took a few pictures and will post them later today. Ah...the South. Yeeeeeeehaw!

Thursday, June 9

the ninja turtle

I was driving out of our apartment complex yesterday (never thought I'd live in one *sigh*) and nearly ran over a mama turtle that lives in the pond/lake near our place. Freaked me out. The poor thing pulled way, way into her shell and at first I wondered if she was ok. I was worried that maybe someone else had run over her - but of course then I realized that, duh, if that was the case, her shell would have been squished. Anyway, so I stopped my car, got out, picked up the scared turtle and put her back near the water. Crisis averted.

Thursday, June 2

Who woulda thunk it

When my parents separated in Oct. '01 and then got divorced a while later, it wasn't a big surprise. In fact, my sisters and I had often wondered when it would happen. I suppose that since it wasn't such a suprise, I never thought that it would effect me very much - emotionally. Granted, there's the whole getting used to my mom asking for dating advise and my dad starting a new family with a wife that's practically my age...those things I knew I'd have to adjust to. But I have recently discovered that there's a whole other realm of emotional issues that I hadn't realized I was needing to deal with.
After they split, my drive to accomplish some of the career goals that I had kinda faded into the background. Not that I'm blaming my parents for it - it's all on me. I do think, however, that their splitting up triggered something within me that said "well, if they've given up trying, what's the point of my trying anymore?" I know, it's the drama of every divorced kid. I guess that I just figured that since I'm over 25 and living my own life, that I'd be immune somehow. Not so it turns out.
Do you ever wish that you could just push a button and release all of the complexes and emotional mazes that seem to stem from your parents?

Wednesday, June 1

too long gone

Ah...the blogoshpere. I have returned.
I've been lost in a wash of crazy maniacal work fiends who seem to think that I have super powers. Either that or I've somehow made them think that I have a clone that comes in and does more work at night. Either way - I'm back. Super powers and all.

Tuesday, May 10

What kind of car does Jesus drive?

According to the ever-accurate and informative CNN, Jesus Christ is trying to get a driver's license. Seriously. Check this out:

Some guy also claimed to have had coffee in his kitchen with Jesus after which the Lord left behind the blue jeans He had been wearing because He was cold. There was no comment about a shirt or possible undergarments. The guy with the holy jeans is now trying to sell them on e-bay. The holder of the jeans said he "wanted to share the pants He wore with the world." Last known bid for the now-sacred pants was: $14.59 and the bidding closes in just under a week. But beware all ye who are in need of repentence - he doesn't want the pants "to fall into the hands of Satan."

Monday, May 9

Revenge of the legos

About 2 weeks ago, I discovered the only playstation game I've really been able to get into. Lego's StarWars. Last night, by chance, I saw an awesome sight - Comedy Central had a 10 minute animated clip of Legos StarWars. Of course I had to go searching for more info (ok, so my husband did the searching). BUT we found this: Watch the Storm Trooper orchestra. It will make your Monday much easier to handle.

Wednesday, May 4

A Wednesday thought

Yes.... I got this via a friend's mass e-mail. Hate mass e-mails. Sadly, every blue moon, I like their content.

If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in in theater in Iraq during the last 22 months, that gives a firearms death rate of 60 per 100,000.

The rate in the District of Colubia is 80.6 per 100,000.

That means that you are more likely to be shot and killed in our Nation's Capitol, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, than you are in Iraq.

Conclusion: We should immediately pull out of Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, April 27

One step closer to apathtic cynicism

I try and try not to be a cynical person (although it doesn't always work so well) but today I think I've crossed over and there may not be any turning back. I was listening to NPR on my way to work this morning and heard two back to back stories about Congress. One about Tom Delay's un-ethical ways and how the republicans tried to pass a bill that made it easy to get out of investigations should something like Delay's case come to light. And another about a new federal abortion law they're trying to pass through that makes it OK for one state's laws to follow you into another state. Then, while at work I read about Georgie Bush's new brilliant energy initiatives. Instead of trying to find cleaner, more energy-efficient fuels, he's decided it'd be brilliant to make MORE oil refineries on unused government property. Brilliant. What little faith or trust I had in our government (and it wasn't much) is now gone. They try to find ways around being held responsible for their own actions. They try to mix up state laws with federal laws. They do their best to continue our generation into a deeper pit of environmental sludge.... I've had enough. I don't know. Is the answer to pick up and move to another country? Should I just suck it up and ignore it and join the rest of the apathetic masses? Maybe I'll run for mayor so that one day I can be president. Sometimes I wish that life were more like a choose-your-own-adventure when it came to some bigger issues. I hate feeling so helpless. I'm not good at helpless. Anyone else out there feeling it too?

Wednesday, April 20

Hear ye hear ye

Hear ye hear ye
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Medieval Times -- Aside from having Cable Guy flashbacks and getting a frightening taste of how Romans at the coliseum could cheer on someone else's demise...It's quite the costume show, but it was nice to be a princess who got to eat with no utensils.

Sandy footprints

Sandy footprints
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One of the best things about the beach - feeling the sand underfoot and inbetween all ten toes.

Citizens for free stuff

Citizens for free stuff
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Something that rarely, if ever, happens in Fayetteville is a free concert by a good (or even decent) band. Thank you Sister Hazel for being in Myrtle Beach last weekend and being free and great as always.


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Meet Rangar. He's my new Viking mini-golf buddy. It's all about no-rules mini-golf.

Can you find the gator?

Can you find the gator?
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Being from mountain country, the only alligators I ever saw were either at the zoo begind plexiglass or on Animal Planet. At Huntington State Park near Myrtle Beach I got an upclose glance at the real thing. This picture is the long shot - can you see the gator in the water? The other one was only a few feet away - lying in the sun near the sidewalk. A little too close for comfort if you ask me.

Wednesday, April 13

Where's the golden ticket

Went to the video store last night (yes, I still go to the actual store instead of ordering online) and had a wonderful surprise. The Wonka bar has returned. Oh yes, go grab Grandpa Joe and have him buy you a box of Wonka Bars because somewhere out there is a golden ticket! Of course I had to buy one, but alas no gold. Ah well - knowing my luck, if I were to find the golden ticket and go to the factory, I'd get turned into a blueberry or something. I'm excited to see the new Wonka movie when it comes out. Hoping it will be completely different from the Gene Wilder film. That way I won't be disappointed or tempted to compare the two. Bring it on Tim Burton.

Tuesday, April 12

Michael Israel

Michael Israel
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Got a chance to meet and watch Michael Israel perform not long ago. He does amazing work on huge canvases in a way that I'd never seen before. The canvases spin, he paints to the music, the crowd is on their feet... It was something not to be missed if you ever get the chance.

Tuesday, March 29

flip a coin, will ya?

Indecisive people give me a rash and today I'm in need of some cream. One of the girls I work with - our editor - is great and fun and blah blah blah. However, she is seriously lacking thre ability to take charge of any situation or make any decisions that she fears others will dislike her for. So instead of doing something, she does nothing. Even when faced with the question "What exactly would you like me to?" she turns to wish-wash and sighs and says "Oh, whatever, I don't care." Argh! Perhaps I will bring in a coin for her to flip, so that something will get done without the fear of the indecisive rash.

Monday, March 28

Nature's alarm clock

There's one thing I missed when living in Seattle - REAL rain storms. Very rarely did we have the tumultuous downpours, thunder and lightning that made the ground shake. I've found them again here in North Carolina. I was woken up this morning by a huge CRASH of thunder followed by what sounded like buckets of water falling from the sky. It was most excellent. Granted, I was indoors....I'm hoping that John, who is in the field right now, was inside barracks rather than out under the stars this morning. If not, he was most likely not as happy about the rain as I was. I say come on inside and bring on the rain!

Thursday, March 24

Self-made holidays

When I was young and holidays came around, I just assumed, things would happen. There'd be some sort of Christmas tree, the Easter bunny would come, there'd be fireworks on the 4th of July... I never really stopped to think that do-it-yourself kits weren't mailed out to all the families so that holidays would be celebrated. When I moved away, I found that holidays obviously take effort to celebrate. Things to plan, to cook, people to invite, things to make or buy.... Although these days you can walk into Wal-Mart and pretty much buy a self-made holiday kit equipped with everything one may need to celebrate a stereotypical holiday - is that really what these days are about? Do we celebrate out of tradition, self-importance or just to break up the monotony? A lot of the meaning and history behind the celebrations get lost in the shuffle - that's nothing new. People have been saying that ever since Santa Clause became part of corporate marketing schemes. Still....when or IF we celebrate, do you make it our own or do we just go through the motions? Is it really celebrating if you're just going through the motions? I'm not so sure.

Monday, March 21

Satan's mutant ninja turtle

In an attempt to avoid all news media regarding Teri Schiavo, which has proved most difficult, I found this "Pet store owner: Satan's image on turtle's shell." HA! It seems the turtle was the only thing to survive an intense store fire and when he came out of the flames, he had the image of what this guy thinks is Satan on his shell. I say, add him to the mutant ninja turtle league. And so what if your turtle has Satan's face on it (as if anyone knows what that really is). Now, perhaps the store owner could market the turtle as fire-proof. Check it out:

Monday, March 14

Fo shizzle

Check this out: Type whatever you want into the search engine and it'll come up translated. It was a good laugh for a gloomy Monday.

Thursday, March 10

the sounds of Fayetteville

Last night I was able to hear a tried and true professional symphony for the first time in far too long. The National Symphony was in town (a miracle in this place) and played to a packed house. The music was amazing both in sound and theme. Everything from a world premiere of a contemporary piece to good ol' Hayden filled the rather sad-looking theatre. (sad, but it's the best this town has to offer, so it's better than nothing at all!) Aside from the lady across the aisle whose cell phone went off THREE times and the baby who started crying in the middle of Hayden's piece. (she and her mom were escorted out by one of the ushers).... it was a welcome respite.

The Twilight Zone part was coming home from the concert to be greeted by sounds of heavy artillery. One of the unsung "perks" of living next to one of the largest military bases in the country is that the surrounding community is treated to a weekly barrage of artillery sounds, building-shaking vibrations and overall happy times. My apartment shakes as the "booms" thud through the clear evening sky. Sometimes it feels like an earthquake, but other times it just sounds like the aliens are invading. Ah well.... had the symphony known, perhaps they could have incorporated the sounds into the show.

Friday, March 4

she's baaaack

The media has been inudating us with Martha, Martha, Martha. She's out of jail and apparently richer than ever. With a new TV show (Martha's Apprentice) and all sorts of goodies heading her way it seems tha jail was the best thing for her. Hey, it worked for Snoop Dogg, why not Martha Stewart?

Thursday, March 3

march magic

March is my favorite month. Nature starts to come out of the deep freeze (well, at least certain parts of it), leprechans dance, people wear green....good times. This March, for me - already happy times. In a matter of 2 days I've gotten free ice cream thanks to, gotten a credit at my favorite craft store, and found out I can get into our local botanical gardens for free on Saturday. let the good (and hopefully free) times roll.

Wednesday, March 2

witch hunt?

I was listening to NPR this morning on my way to work and heard a story about a program they're using to keep track of aliens in the US. I was hoping it was referring to little green men, but sadly no. It talked about how many non-citizens in the country are wearing electronic anklets and have to check in with some security company "or else". I guess they have a choice between being detained or wearing the anklet and being able to go home. I guess it's a trial run program, but they were saying that if it's "successful" that all non-citizens might be required to wear one. WHAT? I'm all for keeping the country safe, but since when was America about treating people who come here like prisoners? Not cool. There has to be a better way.

Monday, February 28

you can do that?

I checked on CNN's Website today and was stricken with laughter and then wonder when I read "Lebanon's government quits." They can do that? Can we petition for that? I guess they just couldn't take it anymore and so they all packed up and left. What happens to them now? Hm.....mass chaos? Pinky and the Brain taking over their government? Perhaps they'll change their minds and want their jobs back. Too funny. What will this world think of next?

Thursday, February 24

Not so hot

OK, so last night I was purusing the channels on the huge tv and for some insane reason stopped to watch "The Simple Life" for a moment. I figured, hey, I've never seen it before. Maybe I should watch for a couple mintues so that I can try and see what all the hype is about. Let's just say that I now feel like I wasted ten minutes of my life. Can someone PLEASE explain to me the obsession with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, because I don't get it. Aside from being completely annoyed every time Paris opened her mouth and said "that's hot" or "that's sexy" I wanted to crawl through the tv and force her to use a thesaurus...anything other than what she was saying. I guess I don't understand why the average American cares about 2 women who never really had to work for anything. It seems like all they do in the show is make fun of the average joe's job and life. Lame. That's what I say to counter Paris' "hot". LAME. Get a life girls - we know you don't have one, and that's why you come out and ride the bus and try to take ours, but let's face are lame.

Wednesday, February 23

In Living Color

I'm one of those who REALLY likes surprises, but according to my huband, it's really hard to surprise me. I ask too many questions apparently. BUT last night I got home as I do every night. Went into the kitchen with my husband and started to eat dinner. He got this grin on his face - the one that means he knows something and wants to tell me, but it's a surprise - so I went searching through the apartment. I was thinking maybe he wrote me a note and hid it somewhere, or maybe he got me some nummy dessert....I walk into the bedroom and there it was - larger than life. A HUGE new television. OK, so it's not as big as the behemoth tv my mom has, but it's pretty freakin' huge. We settled in and watched a movie on it - felt like I was at the movie theatre. Man, I LOVE surprises. (well, good ones at least)

Tuesday, February 15

Interesting perspective

Saw movie last night called "Gunner's Palace." It's a documentary on how some army members live, breath and work in Iraq. The film itself, although slow in places, was a pretty good depiction of what your average soldier deals with everyday in Baghdad (or so says my husaband, and since he's been there, I believe him). The director lived with the soldiers when they first arrived in Baghdad and then lived with them again just before they came back a year later. The perspective changes in the men and their opinions alone are worth seeing the film. The director also shows different missions the soldiers carry out - everything from clearing a room by force to training Iraqi police. in a question and answer session after the film, the director talked about the lack of blood and gore in the film (there really isn't any - kind of refreshing actually). He mentioned that he wanted the film to stand apart from what people see on the news. He feels that most of America doesn't really care much or really remember that men and women are trying to stay alive in a warzone right now and that he wanted to show the human side of the soldiers.

I watched the film in a movie theatre full of war veterans (Iraqi war, Vietnam War, Bosnia, Afghanistan...) and their families. Some said the film wasn't an acurrate depiction of what all soldiers go through. And it's not. The Special Forces troops or Navy members have a very different experience. But it's a slice of the pie.

My question was how did he get access to the military personnel in the way he did. Apparently it wasn't hard for him to do. My second thought was - how much of what you shot was pre-censored by the military red-tapers. From what he said - the only things that he left out of the 400 hours of footage he had, were things he chose to leave out. Thinking back on it, it makes sense. The film doesn't really have a political agenda and it really is more about shooting an accurrate depiction of the men and women serving in this unit in Iraq. An intriguing film with some important perspectives. Doubt it'll change the world, but perhaps it will remind some people that there's a war on - even if only for a minute.

Tuesday, February 8

Shocking but great

I wasn't sure what to expect when walking in to see "Hotel Rwanda." I expected some gore, some guilt.....but I had no idea. The film was very powerful. I suppose with a subject matter such as the Rwandan genocide, you'd have to to try NOT to have it be powerful. I was happy that the film touched on issues such as the West abandoning the people in the country, the seemingly nominal difference between the opposing Rwandan classes and the extent to which the killing was carried. After the movie, I wondered if perhaps writer/director Terry George had gone over the top - tried to hit Western audiences over the head with a crisis that most chose to ignore. I don't think he did. From what I have read, he actually spared the audience from even more disturbing stories that he could have included.

Terry George's writing skills really shone through in this one. He would take the characters from horrific moments of terror to laughter within moments - those moments when perhaps all you can do to survive is find a way to laugh - to feel alive. Nick Nolte played a good ol' Notle role as the UN's Col. Oliver, and he did it better than any role I've seen him in a while. Don Cheadle became his character in more ways than one and truly brought a human face to what had merely been a news story.

useless facts for the day

-8 billion pastel, heart-shaped candies with the sayings on them (conversation hearts) will be made this Valentine's Day this year.

-The average Americans eats about 24 pounds of candy a year.

Thursday, February 3


The film "Sideways" that everyone has been raving about finally came to my li'l town and so I figured I would go and see what all the hype was about. I was expecting something funny, something different....something. What I got was a whole lot of nada. There was nothing unique, interesting or even compelling about the film. I left the theater wondering if perhaps I missed a subplot, maybe a scene had been cut out or maybe I was suffering from some strange amnesia. But no. The film reminded me of an episode of 30-Something. Aside from the fact that the story was flat - I had no sympathy for the characters - if anything, I found them to be annoying. I've read reviews about the film and they say that the characters are "real" and "endearing." What? Just because a movie character reminds you of yourself or someone you know does not make them endearing. Familiar perhaps, but not endearing. Just because I may know a depressed, negative, underachiever, I am not going to exalt a film that exposes that person for all he or she may be. The film was nothing special. it was predictiable, full of over-emphasized metaphors and rarely as funny as I had hoped. And whoever it was that was lamenting the fact Paul Giamatti didn't get an Oscar nomination should have their head examined. His performance, though believable, was nothing unique or extraordinary.

Thursday, January 27

Investing 101

So we've decided to join the grown-up realm of banking...or so they tell me. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, blah blah blah.... There is so much to know I now remember why I haven't invested in the past - I am still on the third grade level of investing knowledge. I suppose this is where getting a broker comes in. But then, how do you know which one to pick? I suppose we could go broker shopping. It's mad mad mad mad world. Even though I know we need to invest if we're ever going to be able to retire and not live in our car - I'm not so sure I want to join the rat race.

Monday, January 24


John and I had our combined birthday soiree this weekend and we were pleasantly surprised at how much people really seemed to enjoy themselves. We playes games like 'Let's Make a Deal' and Scene-It and we had a pinata and played pin the tail on the donkey. There was nummy food, pizza and chocolate fondue and we all gathered 'round and watched Napolean Dynamite afterwards. Our place was all decked out with pirate decorations - I'll have to post a picture later tonight. There was no alcohol and I think that was why people were surprised. Don't think they're used to going to a party and having fun minus the alcoholic beverage. Either that or they were excited about hitting the candy out of a pinata. Either way - felt great to let the good times roll.

Thursday, January 20

bedtime stories and chocolate cheesecake

It's been a long long time since I had the chance to help put a 3 year old to sleep at night. Was able to help out last night at a friend's house. I'd forgotten how soothing it can be to read a bedtime story to a little one before tucking them in for the night. Then to top off my birth day with some home made chocolate cheesecake...doesn't get much better than that. thank goodness for small miracles and the friends they bring into our lives.

Tuesday, January 18

cruel and barbarous treatment

Found this today and I must say that although I don't necessarily think that divorce should be taken as lightly as changing one's haircut, I also can't say that I agree with this idea. No divorce unless there's cruel and barbarous treatment? What the hell does that mean? I feel like there's a lof of grey area that's being missed. Check it out - tell me what you think.

Thursday, January 13


The doors are inlaid with the bamboo - now to make them into the uber-desk.

Wednesday, January 12

Up up and away

Thanks to my job I was able to spend a good chunk of my day yesterday roaming about among hundreds of army paratroopers and almost 2 dozen HUGE planes. Felt like a kid in a candy store and the Major that was walking around with me couldn't help but laugh as I stopped every 10 feet to take a different shot of something. It's a miracle to me that aircraft SO huge and laden with SO much equipment and so many troops can even get off the ground.

Monday, January 10

martha has returned

Although Martha Stewart is safely tucked away in her posh clink, my own Martha inclinations have come back to light. No, I'm not doing any sneaky financial dealings, but I have broken out the home projects once again. This time it's a desk/table made out of old doors and inlaid with bamboo, with a plexi-glass top. It has become quite the undertaking but I'm hoping to have it finished by week's end. I'll try and upload a picture of it when I'm finished.

Friday, January 7


What does it mean to belong?

Thursday, January 6

seeing the not so obvious

chance happenings, once-known faces passing by, seeming coincidences... seems like life is always talking to us on a deeper level. don't think i've been paying much attention. started listening more to the world around me - looking out - watching more.... what a difference a day can make.

the name of a childhood beau came to mind last night and so out of curiousity i googled his name. found that the one who inspired me to write for many years is now a writer himself. writing plays...still painting...taking pictures... nice to know that people continue to follow their dreams.

a sinking feeling

I went and saw 'The Life Aquatic" last night and walked away rather sad. Being a fan of many of people in the cast and a diver myself I thought it'd be fun. Instead I found the pacing dragged, the chemistry between the characters was weak and the laughs were at a minimum. Granted, I am not a lifetime member of the Wes Anderson fan club, but still... i enjoyed the art design and the animated fish (those were fun, although distracting at times). The journey that Steve Zissou takes from depressed has-been to rediscovering his greatness became rather tedious. The moments of discovery and of devastation were laden with slow motion shots and the adventurous raids reminded me of a wanna-be keystone cops skit. Although I didn't buy their interactions, I really did enjoy the characters individually. Their quirks and the unpaid interns made the film worthwhile.

Wednesday, January 5

out of bounds

Well, i finally feel like a sports photographer. I was out shooting the "super bowl" of intramural football on the base and while shooting a play, the quarterback literally ran me over. I've seen it a plethora of times on tv - the athlete lands on the group of photographers at the end of the court. Although my run in did indeed end with me face down on the grass, it wasn't so bad. i'm just glad it was an intramural game where the players weigh MUCH less than any pro player. Otherwise I fear both myself and my camera would now be lawn fertilizer.

Friends are a terrible thing to waste

I have a friend who is concerned that I don't "tell her more" about day to day inner most innerds. When I think about it I wonder...what does she really want to know? I mean, I find life outside of myself much more exciting most of the time. Is it really that I don't talk enough (whatever that means) or is it her own insecurity that she feels she's talking too much. I suppose I could psychoanalyze the whole thing, but that would only lead me down a road best left alone.