Thursday, February 28

Leap Day

So i feel like I should do something special on Leap Day. Like somehow I should embrace that 24-hour period since we only get to enjoy it in its entirety every four years.

But what to do..... Eat frogs legs? Not likely. Maybe try something new. Not sure.

Wednesday, February 20

I love where I live

I decided to take a walk today instead of go to the gym. Here's one reason I love where I live:

The second reason I love where I live today: The Tacoma Film Club. I met with about 25 other men and women tonight at a local bookstore. We talked about three films, laughed and even argued. Everyone was so welcoming. Can't believe I haven't joined them before and can't wait to meet up with them again.

I also had an amazing view of the lunar eclipse tonight. Thank you cloudless night. Even though I've seen an eclipse before, I'm always amazed by it.

Sunday, February 17

What're your thoughts?

I may soon have the opportunity to find a job/adventure that could be anywhere and really could be anything....and could last for about a year. Honestly, I would like it to pay me some cash and it'd be nice if I felt like I was helping people while I'm doing it. I have a few ideas..... but I'm wondering what you would suggest that I do?

(for those in UT - we already know that's one idea. let's think outside the box)

Talk to me people.

Saturday, February 9

A caucus virgin no more

For the first time in years, the WA primary vote counts. It's amazing how excited people get when they realize their voice can be heard. Thanks to it, thousands of people showed up to caucus today. We overwhelmed the caucus locations. Many, including myself, had never been to a caucus before and didn't know what to expect.

It really was amazing. Neighbors came together, sat down and actually discussed issues that face our country and that are important to them. We talked about health care, the war in Iraq, poverty, electability of the candidates.... People are so excited for change. So passionate about being a part of that change. An older gentleman who I met today said he hadn't seen anything like it since JFK.

We were given 2 chances to voice who we wanted to choose for our precint's candidate. After the debating and the tallying, our overwhelming support went to Barack Obama. After the vote, we elected delegates to represent our precint at the county level and perhaps all the way up to the national convention. Somehow, I was elected as one of those people. I'm actually really excited about being an active part of the election process. It's an amazing feeling.

I wish that all the states had something like this. Something where people can feel like they've had a chance to voice their opinion at the very least. It also brings a certain sense of community. Something I haven't felt for a very long time.

Here's what it looked like today: