Thursday, January 27

Investing 101

So we've decided to join the grown-up realm of banking...or so they tell me. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, blah blah blah.... There is so much to know I now remember why I haven't invested in the past - I am still on the third grade level of investing knowledge. I suppose this is where getting a broker comes in. But then, how do you know which one to pick? I suppose we could go broker shopping. It's mad mad mad mad world. Even though I know we need to invest if we're ever going to be able to retire and not live in our car - I'm not so sure I want to join the rat race.

Monday, January 24


John and I had our combined birthday soiree this weekend and we were pleasantly surprised at how much people really seemed to enjoy themselves. We playes games like 'Let's Make a Deal' and Scene-It and we had a pinata and played pin the tail on the donkey. There was nummy food, pizza and chocolate fondue and we all gathered 'round and watched Napolean Dynamite afterwards. Our place was all decked out with pirate decorations - I'll have to post a picture later tonight. There was no alcohol and I think that was why people were surprised. Don't think they're used to going to a party and having fun minus the alcoholic beverage. Either that or they were excited about hitting the candy out of a pinata. Either way - felt great to let the good times roll.

Thursday, January 20

bedtime stories and chocolate cheesecake

It's been a long long time since I had the chance to help put a 3 year old to sleep at night. Was able to help out last night at a friend's house. I'd forgotten how soothing it can be to read a bedtime story to a little one before tucking them in for the night. Then to top off my birth day with some home made chocolate cheesecake...doesn't get much better than that. thank goodness for small miracles and the friends they bring into our lives.

Tuesday, January 18

cruel and barbarous treatment

Found this today and I must say that although I don't necessarily think that divorce should be taken as lightly as changing one's haircut, I also can't say that I agree with this idea. No divorce unless there's cruel and barbarous treatment? What the hell does that mean? I feel like there's a lof of grey area that's being missed. Check it out - tell me what you think.

Thursday, January 13


The doors are inlaid with the bamboo - now to make them into the uber-desk.

Wednesday, January 12

Up up and away

Thanks to my job I was able to spend a good chunk of my day yesterday roaming about among hundreds of army paratroopers and almost 2 dozen HUGE planes. Felt like a kid in a candy store and the Major that was walking around with me couldn't help but laugh as I stopped every 10 feet to take a different shot of something. It's a miracle to me that aircraft SO huge and laden with SO much equipment and so many troops can even get off the ground.

Monday, January 10

martha has returned

Although Martha Stewart is safely tucked away in her posh clink, my own Martha inclinations have come back to light. No, I'm not doing any sneaky financial dealings, but I have broken out the home projects once again. This time it's a desk/table made out of old doors and inlaid with bamboo, with a plexi-glass top. It has become quite the undertaking but I'm hoping to have it finished by week's end. I'll try and upload a picture of it when I'm finished.

Friday, January 7


What does it mean to belong?

Thursday, January 6

seeing the not so obvious

chance happenings, once-known faces passing by, seeming coincidences... seems like life is always talking to us on a deeper level. don't think i've been paying much attention. started listening more to the world around me - looking out - watching more.... what a difference a day can make.

the name of a childhood beau came to mind last night and so out of curiousity i googled his name. found that the one who inspired me to write for many years is now a writer himself. writing plays...still painting...taking pictures... nice to know that people continue to follow their dreams.

a sinking feeling

I went and saw 'The Life Aquatic" last night and walked away rather sad. Being a fan of many of people in the cast and a diver myself I thought it'd be fun. Instead I found the pacing dragged, the chemistry between the characters was weak and the laughs were at a minimum. Granted, I am not a lifetime member of the Wes Anderson fan club, but still... i enjoyed the art design and the animated fish (those were fun, although distracting at times). The journey that Steve Zissou takes from depressed has-been to rediscovering his greatness became rather tedious. The moments of discovery and of devastation were laden with slow motion shots and the adventurous raids reminded me of a wanna-be keystone cops skit. Although I didn't buy their interactions, I really did enjoy the characters individually. Their quirks and the unpaid interns made the film worthwhile.

Wednesday, January 5

out of bounds

Well, i finally feel like a sports photographer. I was out shooting the "super bowl" of intramural football on the base and while shooting a play, the quarterback literally ran me over. I've seen it a plethora of times on tv - the athlete lands on the group of photographers at the end of the court. Although my run in did indeed end with me face down on the grass, it wasn't so bad. i'm just glad it was an intramural game where the players weigh MUCH less than any pro player. Otherwise I fear both myself and my camera would now be lawn fertilizer.

Friends are a terrible thing to waste

I have a friend who is concerned that I don't "tell her more" about day to day inner most innerds. When I think about it I wonder...what does she really want to know? I mean, I find life outside of myself much more exciting most of the time. Is it really that I don't talk enough (whatever that means) or is it her own insecurity that she feels she's talking too much. I suppose I could psychoanalyze the whole thing, but that would only lead me down a road best left alone.