Wednesday, July 27


Pardon me while I go outside and fry an egg on the sidewalk.....
Whoever said that the climate isn't changing needs to come and live down here for a while. They would change their mind.

An update - I sent my resume and news clips into the Fayetteville Observer's executive editor - they have a couple of positions open. We shall see. I'm not sure if I have the experience they're looking for, but it doesn't hurt to try!

Also, did I mention that it's hot down here? Thank goodness for whoever it was that invented air conditioning.

Tuesday, July 12

Keeping options open

I've never been much of a climber when it came to moving up in job positions. If opportunities presented themselves, I would take them. Today I put myself out there. I heard that there's going to be a little re-structuring in the newsroom at the local paper in town that I want to work at. So....I sent the editor an e-mail and let him know that I'm interested. We'll see. It may come to nothing, but then again, it could get me outta here and onto bigger and better things. (and a larger paycheck - which would ROCK)

Monday, July 11

marathon man

I must bragg a bit about my husband. He ran the Grandfather Mountain Marathon in Boone, NC Saturday. They say it's the hardest marathon in the country and after driving the course (yeah, not a chance that I ran it - I was support crew running from water stop to water stop), I must agree. Over half of the course was uphill, winding through the mountains. It was beautiful and some of it was even on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but pretty views aside - I am amazed anyone finished the race. John finished well and has the number and medal to prove it. it was fun to be the support crew and cheer everyone on in the race. It was a pretty lonely one - not a lot of people along the route cheering them on - just them and the pavement most of the way. Although I'm told that Wonder Woman was handing out water at mile 24. I thought that perhaps one day I would run a marathon and maybe I will - but after watching those people cross the finish line I'll be thinking long and hard about if my body really wants to go through all of that.