Wednesday, June 29

What a letdown

Well, aside from the fact that it was way cool to hang out with National media and talk with the Secret Service - that speech last night was BLAH. Nothing new. THey kept saying it was going to be new information or a new strategy. Everything he said was something that is already happening and that he's said before it previous speeches. It's like he saw his ratings slipping and needed to bolster some support. I will say that he seemed....concerned about something last night. Nervous. Something. I don't know if he'd just gotten some bad news before he went on stage or what, but there was NO charisma coming from him. NONE. Very disappointed with that. I figure he's the President, if nothing else, he has charisma. Nada. *sigh* Well, it was awesome to be there and to have that experience. I had one of my friends (a fellow photographer who was standing for hours in the back with me) take my picture with Bush talking behind me. I'll post it with some others later today. (If I can get it to work this time)

Tuesday, June 28

Georgey: a little apprehensive

I have the opportunity today to be a part of the press conference/appearance that George "Let 'er Roll" Bush is holding on base. I'm actually really excited about it b/c I get to be with the National Press Corps and all that goes along with being in the room with the president. My brother-in-law was joking that they wouldn't let me in b/c they'd check my voter registration card. It was strange getting calls from the White House at the office.

He's supposed to be here pretty soon and the storm clouds have just rolled in - it's so dark you'd think it was 7 at night. A storm's a brewin'. The national media has been saying that he's going to announce "specific" ideas on his strategy in Iraq. This is something that you'd think we'd already have since we're HOW FAR INTO IT? Anyway, we've been told he's going to announce something - we don't know what, but something big. I'm a little freaked out by that. We've brainstormed everything from an exit strategy to nothing new to a (gasp) draft. I can say that it's not meant to be a troop rally - the number of troops expected is too small for that.

I suppose I also fear my own reaction to whatever he announces. I promised my office I wouldn't do anything crazy - besides, I don't want to be carried off the crazy town by the secret service.

Well, the clouds just opened up and the rain is pouring down. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 20


This weekend I decided to embrace the NC country that I now live in. The National Hollerin' Contest was held Saturday in a li'l place called Spivey's Corner about 30 minutes from where I live. The town has a year-round population of just over 65 people and if you blink, you would literally miss the "town." So, I went. Not quite sure how to describe "hollerin" - it's kinda like yodelling without the bird calls for people. They had little kids, teens, men and women up on stage. Inbetween competitions, Elvis sang as well as a christian music group. I have to say - I'm realizing that although I love the mountains and camping and being one with nature.....I'm not so much a "country girl." I took a few pictures and will post them later today. Ah...the South. Yeeeeeeehaw!

Thursday, June 9

the ninja turtle

I was driving out of our apartment complex yesterday (never thought I'd live in one *sigh*) and nearly ran over a mama turtle that lives in the pond/lake near our place. Freaked me out. The poor thing pulled way, way into her shell and at first I wondered if she was ok. I was worried that maybe someone else had run over her - but of course then I realized that, duh, if that was the case, her shell would have been squished. Anyway, so I stopped my car, got out, picked up the scared turtle and put her back near the water. Crisis averted.

Thursday, June 2

Who woulda thunk it

When my parents separated in Oct. '01 and then got divorced a while later, it wasn't a big surprise. In fact, my sisters and I had often wondered when it would happen. I suppose that since it wasn't such a suprise, I never thought that it would effect me very much - emotionally. Granted, there's the whole getting used to my mom asking for dating advise and my dad starting a new family with a wife that's practically my age...those things I knew I'd have to adjust to. But I have recently discovered that there's a whole other realm of emotional issues that I hadn't realized I was needing to deal with.
After they split, my drive to accomplish some of the career goals that I had kinda faded into the background. Not that I'm blaming my parents for it - it's all on me. I do think, however, that their splitting up triggered something within me that said "well, if they've given up trying, what's the point of my trying anymore?" I know, it's the drama of every divorced kid. I guess that I just figured that since I'm over 25 and living my own life, that I'd be immune somehow. Not so it turns out.
Do you ever wish that you could just push a button and release all of the complexes and emotional mazes that seem to stem from your parents?

Wednesday, June 1

too long gone

Ah...the blogoshpere. I have returned.
I've been lost in a wash of crazy maniacal work fiends who seem to think that I have super powers. Either that or I've somehow made them think that I have a clone that comes in and does more work at night. Either way - I'm back. Super powers and all.